Shikoku.Kagawa.Takamatsu City

Shikoku.Kagawa.Takamatsu City

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Japan’s smallest prefecture has plenty to offer with an ancient spiritual pilgrimage route and islands dedicated to contemporary art

Kagawa Prefecture is situated in the north of Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands. Kagawa has Shikoku’s largest city, Takamatsu, and many small islands on the Seto Inland Sea. Naoshima and its surrounding islands are packed with internationally renowned modern art installations and museums, while Shodoshima is famous for olive production and sandy beaches. Kagawa Prefecture is perhaps best known for udon, with many of Japan’s best noodle shops located in the prefecture.

Shodoshima Somen

A delicate noodle made from a dough of wheat flour, salt water and locally-produced sesame oil that is lovingly pulled apart by hand and dried in the sun. On Shodo Island at Furusatomura, you can catch and eat these noodles as they flow down angled bamboo chutes, making this a true fast-food experience.

Kagawa Olives

Shodo Island in Kagawa Prefecture has been growing olives for over a century, and produces more of them than anywhere else in Japan. An array of olive snacks and oils are available on the island. The olive oils have won awards in international competitions.

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