Hyogo.Kobe City

Hyogo.Kobe City

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The international bay area is filled with a variety of shopping, dining, sightseeing attractions and evening entertainments for visitors to enjoy.

The Port of Kobe is the second largest trading port in Japan. Kobe Harborland is a beautiful shopping and entertainment district situated along the waterfront. Kobe Harborland features an array of large-scale commercial sites from department stores, superstores, and specialty shops to hotels. Therefore, it is gaining popularity among local residents as well as fans of Kobe from around the world.

KOBE Enjoy the salty sea-breeze and nightscape of the bay area

Walking about 8 minutes to the East from the South Exit of JR Kobe Station will take you to the stylish complex called “MOSAIC”. Because it is built facing the Port of Kobe, you can enjoy eating and shopping amidst the salty sea-breeze.
Country Hyogo Prefecture
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Nankin-machi Changan Gate

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