Yamanashi.Fuefuki City.Isawa Onsen

Yamanashi.Fuefuki City.Isawa Onsen

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Isawa (石和町Isawa-chō) was a town located in Higashiyatsushiro DistrictYamanashi PrefectureJapan. As of 2003, the town had an estimated population of 27,603 and a density of 1,850.07 persons per km². The total area was 14.92 km².

It was famous for its hot springs and for its springtime medieval festival. It was a sister city to Bad MergentheimGermany.

The Isawa area is located in the east of the Kofu basin and boasts the highest peach and grape production in Japan.

In spring, this area, called Togenkyo , is covered in a sea of pink peach blossoms. From August to October you can enjoy fruit picking.

The region is also known for its wine production, and every year a mellow tasting wine is created from the grapes which are painstakingly grown at the local wineries. There is also a line-up of original wines and you can enjoy tours of the wineries.

Fuefuki City is known for its two hot spring villages of Isawa and Kasugai, and is counted as one of the best tourist spots in Japan. In the center of the hot spring area, the cherry blossom trees that line the river color the four seasons, and hot spring tourists can be seen enjoying themselves under their full bloom in spring.

It could be said that enjoying a soak in a hot spring after viewing cherry blossom in spring or fruit picking from summer to autumn is a luxury only to be found in this area.

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