Wakayama.Wakayama City

Wakayama.Wakayama City

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The tower of Wakayama Castle with a panoramic view of the city. Small inlets and islands enhance the beauty of Wakanoura.

Wakayama City is the prefectural center of politics, economy and culture, located on the Wakayama Plain at the mouth of Kino-kawa River. In the latter half of the 16th century, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the man who conquered this plain, decided to build Wakayama Castle on Mt. Fukko. It was later reorganized by Tokugawa Yorinobu, the 10th son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, as a castle town in the early 17th century. Reconstruction of Tenshu-kaku, or the castle tower, took place after the Second World War and Oni-gawara, or decorative tiles, and armors of that time are on display in the Exhibition Room. An observation deck provides a view of the city.

Wakanoura in the southern part of the city is a scenic spot that appears in poetry from ancient times. The road runs in the middle of cliffs following the naturally winding feature of this place, which makes every turn on the cape exciting to see the different views. Houses around the inlets are clustered in tiers and are beautiful in keeping with the small islands in the sea.

Kimii-dera Temple located at the middle of Mt. Nagusayama is a famous spot for early cherry blossoms. Stone steps lead to the Main Gate and then to Shoro, or the Belfry, Taishi-do and Hon-do, or the Oratory, overlook Wakanoura.

“Wakayama Marine City Porto Europe” was built in the image of a harbor town in Europe. It is a popular place for dining, and so is a ride called waterslider in the amusement park.

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