Shikoku.Tokushima City

Shikoku.Tokushima City

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Home of the mid-summer Awa-odori Dance. Enjoy a fun-filled tour of the city by the waters.

Located in the northeastern part of Tokushima Prefecture and reaching the mouth of the Yoshino River, Tokushima City is the center of government and economy for Tokushima Prefecture. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, with Mt. Bizan and Tokushima Central Park right in the heart of the city, this aqua-metropolis has been designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as one of the top 100 homes by the water. You can enjoy a 30 minute tour of this aqua-metropolis through the Hyotanjima Boat Tour, which is a popular tourist attraction.

Tokushima is known throughout Japan for its Awa Odori Dance, which boasts a history of over 400 years. Nowadays, Awa Odori is not only limited to Tokushima, but it is also performed outside the prefecture and even at overseas events. The passionate dancers of this internationally renowned festival envelop the entire city with a wave of excitement and this festival is placed alongside the Rio Carnival as one of the largest dance event in the world.

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