Osaka, Sakai City

Osaka, Sakai City

Things to do - general

Massive fifth century mausoleum so close to Osaka

If you are based in Osaka for any length of time, the neighboring cities of Sakai and Kishiwada on Osaka Bay make rewarding excursions. Due to their proximity to Kansai International Airport, they are ideal stopping-off points before a flight or during a long layover.

Sakai ancient and modern

The city of Sakai has a rich and colorful history. A prosperous merchant town and trading port in the 16th century, it is also the birthplace of revered tea master Sen no Rikyu. Today Sakai is renowned for its craft cutlery industry (Sakai knives are much sought after by chefs) and precision bicycle manufacture, and has museums devoted to both. Its most remarkable claim to fame, however, is the site of one of the largest mausoleums on the planet