Wakayama.NankiShirahama Town

Wakayama.NankiShirahama Town

Things to do - general

Nanki, a generic name for the entire southwestern part of Wakayama, is a large spot of leisure containing various amusement facilities, beaches and places where you can enjoy marine sports, golfing and tennis. Shirahama, a center of Nanki, is a typical Onsen resort facing the Pacific Ocean in the Kii Peninsula and is known as one of Japan’s three largest Onsens together with Beppu in Oita and Atami in Shizuoka.

Collectively called the Shirahama Onsen comprises the Yuzaki Onsen, long known for open-air bathing in manually hollowed rock tubs and other Onsen at Shirahama opened early in the 20th century, Higashi-Shirahama, Tsunashirazu and others.

In and around Shirahama are many places of natural beauty visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year, such as Engetsuto Island, an uninhabited rock isle with a round sea cave open in the middle of it, and Sandanbeki Rock Cliff with 50 to 60-meter-high precipitous rock walls extending about 2 kilometers from south to north. Another must-see is Senjojiki Rock Plateau, a huge multi-tiered rock that looks like a thousand “tatami” matted (senjo-jiki) floor created by the erosion of soft sandstone by raging waves.

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