Tohoku.Iwate.Morioka City

Tohoku.Iwate.Morioka City

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An architecturally perfect blend of the past and present. The beauty of Kitakami-gawa River and Nakatsu-gawa River shines.

Morioka is situated in the north of the Kitakami Basin in the central part of Iwate. The city is the center of Iwate’s politics, economics and culture. Mt. Iwate-san, which overlooks the city from the northwest and two rivers – the Kitakami-gawa River and the Nakatsu-gawa River, make Morioka a special place with a very beautiful landscape. Morioka flourished with the building of Morioka Castle during the 16th and the 17th centuries. Today the castle ruins are maintained as the Morioka castle site Park and are appreciated by people as a place for recreation and relaxation.

Along the eastern side of the Nakatsu-gawa River, historical buildings from the 19th and the early 20th centuries, such as merchants’ houses and private houses, can be seen. The gentle atmosphere and the nostalgic appearance of this area, which is known as “the capital of forest and water,” are a good contrast to the busy atmosphere and the modern appearance of the fashionable shopping area near Morioka Station

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