Tohoku.Fukushima City

Tohoku.Fukushima City

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Over 130 steaming hot springs. The “Primal scenery of Japan” on display throughout the four seasons.

Fukushima Prefecture, situated at the southern part of the Tohoku region about 200 kilometers from Tokyo, is the third largest prefecture in Japan. While being close to the nation’s capital, traditional Japanese culture still exists there. It is an industrial prefecture with the total value of goods shipped being the highest in the Hokkaido and Tohoku regions.

The Hama-dori district, located in eastern Fukushima facing the Pacific Ocean, enjoys a mild climate, making it a comfortable place to live. The Naka-dori district is a commercial and industrial area with modern transportation systems that include the Shinkansen Line running north and south through its center, as well as highways and Fukushima Airport. Hot springs can be enjoyed there as well, with many to be found in the suburban areas.

The Aizu district in the west is a basin surrounded by mountains. In Aizuwakamatsu, the main city in the district, many historical buildings still remain, and they continue to pass on local traditions and the spirit of the samurai.

Fukushima has more than 130 hot springs, Iizaka-onsen, Iwaki Yumoto-onsen and Higashiyama-onsen, just to name a few. What is more, the area offers an abundance of seasonal tourist attractions including fresh greenery and wild birds in spring, summertime camping, trekking, marine sports, autumnal tints, skiing, playing in the snow and swan watching in winter. You can see some of Japan’s most primal scenery nearest Tokyo.

A rice-producing prefecture rich in good quality water, Fukushima boasts of a thriving sake (rice wine) brewing industry. Seasonal fruits such as peaches and apples, and various other kinds of fruit as well are harvested there throughout the year. You can also taste all sorts of fresh foods from the ocean and local farms, such as ramen noodles, soba noodles, miso (soy bean paste), Japanese black beef and fresh seafood.

90 min to Fukushima Station by JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line.


Country Fukushima
Languages spokenJapanese
Currency usedJapanese Yen