GifuHome of Gifu Castle and traditional cormorant fishing on the Nagara River. Gifu is situated in the northern part of the Nobi Plain in southern Gifu Prefecture. Gifu prospered as a castle town during the Kamakura Period (13th century). Gifu Park, located at the foot of Mt. Kinka, contains a three-storied pagoda, the Gifu City Read more


TakayamaA picturesque town with one of the three most beautiful festivals in Japan. Takayama is located in northern Gifu Prefecture. It is most famous for the Sanno-machi Historic District and the biannual Takayama Festival, which has been designated as one of Japan’s most beautiful festivals. During the festival, intricately crafted festival floats are displayed in Read more


KyotoThe former capital of Japan, famous worldwide for its temples and shrines. Kyoto was the center of politics and culture for 1,100 years. Kyoto Prefecture stretches out from the southeast to the northwest in the central and northern parts of the Kansai region. It has four geographical features, the saw-toothed coastal area around Maizuru Bay Read more