Adult & Child   –  Yen 9,500 per pax (GV4)

**GV4 -at least 4 pax fare to activate the service



Door to Door Pick up between 0900 ~1000 hours,
Tour Starts from 1000 until 1330 hours
>Drive cruising comfortably to pass by major sightseeing spots of the City (by Driver Only)
>Tour ends at 13:30PM sharp even if itinerary not completed, extension with additional charges are NOT permitted.
>Will not have much walking for the whole itinerary.
>No guide accompanying, Driver will assist, our call center will assist when necessary.
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Drive through Major spots of Central Kyoto City*
Please select 1 place to visit from item 1, 2 and 3.

Place of Visit [Please select (a) or (b)]
(i) --- 1(a) Nishi Honganji Temple 1(b) Higashi Honganji Temple
(ii)--- 2(a) Ginkakuji , 2(b) Kinkakuji
(iii)-- 3(a) Kiyomizu Temple 3(b) Nishiki Local Market

Note: Admission is not included, if admission necessary, guest have to pay on their own.
<<<Will arrange 1(a), 2(b) and 3 for bookings without request. Last minute changes is not possible.
<<<If we have only 1 Vehicle to operate on requested date, itinerary will be fixed by the first booking received.
Optional SIC Cherry Tomato available to transfer back to your hotel or area within Kyoto
(Prearrangement needed, within the city! Subject to confirmation, Please decide before booking, if no request drop off will be at 3(a)

Comfortable Challenge!!!
> Why not travel back to your hotel by Subway Train on your own?
> Tell us upon reservation
We will prepare information for you to travel back to your hotel by train, Challenge Underground Wonder ground!
Easy! And you will like it!


Product Validity : 31 Mar 2024